Monday, 10 November 2014

Martyn Shrewsbury and Pippa Bartolotti - dirty tricks?

Brig Strawbridge facebook page appears recently criticising Andy Chtyba, Turns not there is

no such person. That didn't stop Pippa Bartolotti welcoming it. Who wrote it?

Martyn Shrewsbury is a possible culprit. He was 'leader' of the wales section of the England 

and Wales green party before Jake Griffiths but disappeared in a blaze of bad publicity.

Martyn Shrewsbury a convicted fraudster, self-confessed adulterer, and 

charlatan hypnotherapist! He apparently disappeared for a few years and reappeared 

quite recently. He was present at the the last Wales Council meeting.

He seems to be working with Ashley Wakeling and plans to join him tonight at a public 

meeting.   (English Ashley previously a candidate for Maidstone South )

And there's the recent blog supporting Pippa for 'leader'. After all she only got 27 votes last time standing unopposed. And she thanks 'Brig' for the link! 

I very much like this new blog discovery. Ecosocialism in action!

Brig Strawbridge and Eve Merrick-Williams like this. 
Pippa Bartolotti - Wales Green Party Leader Thanks Brig! 

I actually forgot to put his on my own page! Thank you Green Dragon. Maybe one day I'll find out who you are :-)...
So it seems to be close links between Pippa and Martyn! Was this the same Pippa who demanded the expulsion of a wales council member for asking her questions she didn't want to answer. Even after the entire conference voted that the expulsion was unconstitutional refused to reverse it.
And has suspended and trying to expel the newletter editor and campaigns officer on the Wales Council.

PS Got to laugh!

Swansea Philosophy / Athroniaeth Abertawe

Pippa Bartolotti dodgy business woman who describers herself as a 'victim of the comprehensive system of non education' at Swansea Philosophy!   

Last year Maidstone this year Swansea. The Englandandwales Green Party. Dontcha just love 'em!

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